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Skull Girl Meets Lily Girl in Eden Print

Skull Girl Meets Lily Girl in Eden Print


Hand drawn with Micron Pens and colored in Photoshop, February 2020 An Illustration I created and reproduced as album artwork for BlackMagicWomxn’s single the day the earth stood still 


 A merging of the narratives of two characters, symbolic of my constant attempt to balance two polarized components of my personality. I often portray both girls as the unmasked versions of ourselves when we are completely alone and able to be our truest selves. In this piece, Lily Girl comforts Skull Girl by offering her a peach; representing a fruitful safe space to take her mask off, a rewrite of the biblical symbolism of the temptation behind the apple and the tumultuous repercussions that follow the acceptance of it.

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