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About me

Samara is a San Francisco based visual artist and designer who specializes in concept art, character illustration and visual storytelling through a broad variety of media. 

Her style is characterized by pop colors and female, skeletal and floral motifs as the subject matter. Her work examines dichotomies between mania and control, solitude versus connection, social normalcy versus authentic self as well as themes of sex and power through the juxtaposition of feminine and dark elements.

Samara's main body of work features a collection of characters with flower or skull masks as placeholders to implement these ideas. Her female forms are often otherworldly. She intentionally omits obvious gender, race and sex defining characteristics as they tend to force women into archetypal binaries that may distract from the concepts she aims to convey in her work. 

She recognizes her art and her process as an invaluable mode of self expression, oftentimes, a more direct channel of communication than vocalization.  

Samara graduated from the University of Oregon College of Design with degrees in Art and multimedia Design and a focus in metals and jewelry. She currently works as the inventory manager at Sanfranpsycho, designs and sells 14kt design apparel, presses flowers and freelances as a tattoo designer and graphic artist.  

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