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Logos for rebranding of Health Jet

Objective: Take Agnew Family Wellness from a Chiropractic practice to the next level: Rebranding of company image, services offered, tiered packages and programs to transform Agnew Family Wellness into a Body and wellness lab.

The rebranding project consisted of constructing a variety of tiered sign-on packages that promote mind and body wellness, a new logo and as well as forms of media branding, video content and social media revamp.

Goal: Through integrating cutting edge technology ie: ARX machine and corresponding rebranding, the Health Jet will bring in a new demographic of clientele who desire a convenient, yet effective, workout that gives them all the results of visiting a gym 5 days a week without breaking the bank and taking time out of their busy schedule.

Design Parameters: The brand Health Jet was intended to be striking: Modern to depict the high tech nature of the program and classic enough to retain the nature of a wellness center and ensue mind and body healing.

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